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Our product is unique

Not loans but investments

We do not provide loans, we co-invest. Without guarantors or collateral. We will start a partnership and share the risks of the project.

Up to 15 million of roubles

We will co-invest up to 90% of the sum necessary for a franchise unit start up. We are ready to invest up to 15 million of roubles in every project.

Your own business in 5 years

Our mutual cooperation in average lasts for 5 years. When this period is over or even before that you will become an owner of a successful business.

Our portfolio
Investment Plans


This investment plan is for a large circle of our potential partners. For those who would like to become a successful entrepreneur, for those who wants to start up their successful business with us.


This investment plan is provided preferentially for those businessmen who act already as a successful franchisee of any brand from our Right holders list.

For such entrepreneurs we have lowered the threshold of getting into the mutual project. The Fund is ready to invest up to 100% (!) of the sum into a new commercial unit under the management of the entrepreneur of such a category.


In this investment plan there are special demands for the business qualification. If they are met the candidate gets preferences on the return on equity. In other words the price of our participation in the project for such a partner is lowered.


For young and hard-working people with demonstrated business approach to work, for those who as a rule, have a successful experience as a professional employee in such a business or in a correspondent sphere we suggest the AMBITIOUS investment plan.

In this investment plan the level of joining the project is lowered. The Fund is ready to invest up to 95% of the sum if your qualification level complies with the requirements to the partners.

Your "Business Angels"

Evgeniy Logachev

Kuban State University, Economist, Applied Economics and Stuff Management.
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Master of Management

"To be successful in a project you need the following:

1. Judging from experience the key stone always is the location of the place, the selection of which will depend on the chosen kind of business.

2. Brand. If an appropriate place is found, high brand awareness and customers loyalty to your product are very important.

3. Management is the efficient administration of business processes of your company when the goal is to create the final result that will be valuable for customers and the company itself in the foreseeable future"

Ivan Balashov

Saratov Badge of Honour Order Economics institute, Ph.D. in economics

"The success of a projects depends on the variety of factors – objective and subjective, but the most important thing is the intention of our partners to discover new horizons, to try their hand in a new sphere as many of them have not had their own business before."

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