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Papa John’s Pizza

Papa John’s Pizza company was founded in 1984 by John Schnatter in Indiana, the USA

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About franchise

Papa John’s Pizza

Delicious pizza

Papa John’s Pizza company was founded in 1984 by John Schnatter in Indiana, the USA.

The company has been operating in Russia since 2003 and nowadays it has about 66 restaurants - more than any other pizza network that provides delivery. The Russian network consistently shows the high selling rates and the growth of like-for-like revenue and it is considered to be the key market of Papa John’s company development. The keystone of the company is the quality orientation. Only fresh dough and the best selected ingredients are used for making pizzas. During 10 years out of the last 11 Papa John’s company has been leading in the polls of customers’ satisfaction among all pizza networks of the USA.

Master-franchisee in Russia:
The company PJWRI develops master franchise in Russia and CIS. Papa John’s restaurants are open in Saint-Petersburg, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Angarsk and Baku. Master franchisee provides the support to sub-franchisee at all stages of the project preparation, startup and operating.

The investments into one ready-to-operate restaurant – from 12 million of roubles. The unit requirements: 90-200 square meters, 60kW, the period of the commercial concession agreement is 10 years. The minimal amount of partner’s investments with Fund “Life Franchising” co-investment – from 1.2 million of roubles.

Where unit can be opened?

We are looking for partners in the following cities

Armavir, Bataysk, Belgorod, Biysk, Ekaterinburg, Elets, Kaluga, Kiselevsk, Kovrov, Leninsk-Kuznetsky, Lipetsk, Murom, Nevinnomyssk, Novomoskovsk, Novorossiysk, Novocherkassk, Novoshahtinsk, Obninsk, Orel, Prokopyevsk, Rybinsk, Ryazan, Sochi, Stavropol, Stary Oskol, Taganrog, Tambov, Shakhty, Yaroslavl


How to open a business on this franchise with us?

  • 1. Please clear up with the franchisor (Right Holder) all the necessary details of the franchise system as if you were acting all by yourself having enough own capital. It is obligatory to specify with the Right Holder if it possible to work on this very franchise in the chosen city.
    • The information on the Right Holder’s websites:
    • Gather information from all the other sources that are available to you.
    By registering on the website you will get access to the Success Constructor and you will be able to construct the financial model of your future business at the early stage.
  • 2. Send us the application filled in according to the form offered by our Managers of investment projects.
  • 3. When the Fund approves you as our future partner we will conclude an agreement of intent and will be ready to recommend you to the chosen Right Holder.
  • 4. The Right Holder will also consider your candidature and approve you as his partner.
  • 5. Find a place and a unit according to the requirements of the Right Holder (it is advisable to have several choices). Try to find the best places in your city for YOUR business!
  • 6. The Right Holder will consider and approve them.
  • 7. Gather all documental record about the unit for the Fund. You will get the list of documents from your Manager of investment projects.
  • 8. In collaboration with you the Fund will agree on the contract relations with the renter.
  • 9. All together - the Fund, the Right Holder and you – we will do economic analyses which will serve the basis of the invest project.
  • 10. The project goes through the approval procedure in the Fund. We will surely inform you on the decision made.
  • 11. If case of its approval we and you will register a new enterprise in the form of closed joint-stock company that will carry out the franchise project.
  • 12. After the registration of the closed joint-stock company a contract of commercial concession with the Right Holder, a rent agreement and a contract are between you and the Fund are concluded.
  • 13. When the outlet starts to produce a profit these money can be used for buying back the Fund shares. We will draft a schedule in collaboration with you and will try to follow it. It is not a loan that is why this schedule is not obligatory. But you have to take into account that the later you buy the shares of the developing business the more expensive they become.
  • 14. After receiving the pre-determined cost of shares the Fund withdraws from the company auctioneers and you become a hundred percent shareholder of your own successful business.

To send a request for funding under this franchise you need to sign in or register.

We are looking for partners with serious intentions and high project managing responsibility and that is why we have to get to know you at the very early stages of our mutual work. After the registration you will get access to our Fund contacts and other materials for the further cooperation with us.

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